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We do not provide such direct link by default. But if you want to hook the ordering widget to a predefined button or navigation link in your website, you may use the following responsive URL: ( add RUID parameter - line 2 from the code)


Each string / parameter can be extracted from within the html button code.


However, please note that the URL will open the widget into a new window, not with the same overlay effect as through the SEE MENU & ORDER button.


We strongly recommend to use the HTML code we provide and recommend as standard whenever and wherever you can. 


The HTML code allows us to count the number of visitors and then show you this information in the reporting. You can also see the conversion rate from the visitors to the people opening the menu.


If you would not use the HTML code, then we cannot guarantee this data.


To get the HTML code you need to go to your admin panel >> Setup >> Publishing >> legacy website, and click on the green link "HTML code".

If you want to customize the button, you can use the following instructions:

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