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For those clients that want their own  mobile app, we provide a branded app – paid service.

In the same do-it-yourself super-simple fashion, the restaurant gets its own app submitted to both Apple Store (for iOS devices) and Google Play (for Android devices). The app is personalised to reflect the restaurants’s brand, from logo to slogan and background image.

Here’s a demo of such branded app:


(on iOS, the app looks and behaves the same as the Android app).

The app’s main functionality is ordering. The checkout form is pre-filled based on previous orders, while the delivery address can be selected from a list of previously saved address.

In terms of updates to the app, the restaurant is in full control. Any change made in the admin panel (menu items, prices, delivery areas etc.) are immediately reflected in the app as well.

How food clients find out about the app and install it?

Once the app is published, we have a recommendation mechanism that makes sure that people that have ordered at least once from their mobile phone, will find out that an app is available as well. Like this:

Publish the menu in a dedicated branded app 1

In case your restaurant purchases both the branded app and the instant sales optimized website service, we automatically add a section to the website with download links when the app is published in app stores.

How does the branded app request (submit) panel look?

Once the restaurant purchases the branded app service, we display a dialogue field to choose the name of the app, add a custom image, description and logo. Like this:

The logo format required: EPS or AI or PSD or PNG (large format).

For the background image, format required is PNG or JPEG, with the minimum size of 1536 x 2696 (or larger).

The branded mobile app resources (background, logo) can be changed later on. But every change needs to be re-built and re-submitted to the Google Play and Apple Store. This process takes a few days so our suggestion is to bundle several changes at once.

How long will it take to publish the app? 

We manually process the background image & logo for each app, then we submit the app to Apple Store/Google Play. Approval & publishing an app in iOS may take from 2 to 5 days. In Google Play store, usually, it’s just a couple of hours.

After this, the app will be available for search and download by your clients.

Who submits the app and who is the publisher (developer)? 

We submit the app under our developer account on Android.

On iOS, restaurants are required to create their own developer account which points to our developer account as the rightful uploading developer ID (we provide instructions about this as part of the purchase process). This is because we provide the listing to the app store as a service and we also take care of updates if necessary.

We also need to access crash reports in order to continuously improve the app.

Branded app for multi-location

To have one app showing several locations under the same brand, please take the following steps:

  • purchase the branded app service for all locations/accounts
  • upload the logo and background and slogan for one of the locations in the admin interface
  • please send us a ticket requesting that multiple locations are shown in the same app.

We will then make the necessary changes.

Please note that this works only if the locations are from the same chain/brand. It doesn’t work for multiple different brands.

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