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The Dine-in mode allows your customers to place orders directly from their table using their mobile phone.

This negates the need for servers to visit the table and take orders so makes it much easier to implement social distancing.

How does this work?

For the Restaurant:

A restaurant that wants to use the Dine-in mode should first enable it from the "Services section->Dine in",
check the Opening Hours you have set up, check the payment methods and then go to Publishing to generate the Dine-in QR code.

These are the detailed steps:
  1. First access "Services & opening hours"->"Dine in" and click on Yes, then Next in order to enable the service.
2. Next check the "Services & opening hours" -> "Opening hours" section as the time set here is also the one available for the Dine in.
3. Next check the payment methods they have set up in the "Payments, taxes & legal section" and enable/disable each method applicable to Dine in. Here is an example below:
4. Next go to "Publishing"-> "Dine-in QR Code flyer". They will be guided through the process of creating a flyer with a special QR code specific to their restaurant.

For the customer:

From the printed flyer the food client can scan the Qr code to open the menu directly.
The customer can use their default camera app on most modern phones (iOS, Samsung ) or for others that do not have this feature, they may use a dedicated QR scanning app.
They then simply point at the QR code, and they will be taken to the ordering widget with dine-in preselected and if the URL contains a table number it will also be pre-filled.

Generating QR codes for each table

If you wish to have the QR codes include the table number, so that customers do not need to enter this themselves, you will need to generate your own QR codes and make your own flyers.

First you will need to create your own QR codes where you can add the table number to the end of the url
like this: “&table_number=ABC123”
and this value will then be prefilled in the ordering widget at checkout.
Eg: https://restaurantadmin.co.uk/api/qr_redirect?type=dine_in&restaurant_uid=[ruid]&table_number=[table_no]
You can download this excel file where you will need to add the RUID and you can modify the Table number column to your own values:
To get your RUID (Restaurant Unique ID), you will need to look at your ordering widget code that you insert into your website.
The RUID will be found here (data-glf-ruid).
Then use this QR code generator: https://qrexplore.com/generate/ and copy all the links generated in the Final URL column and paste them in the QR Code(s) box and then expand the “Configurable Options” and check the box next to “Add filename to image”, and then click on the button “Generate X Codes”, like this:
This will generate unique QR codes with the table number prefilled and will also have the Table number mentioned below the QR code, like this:

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