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Our online ordering system supports multi-location restaurants. This means that multiple restaurants can be created and managed under the same umbrella, with the main benefit of sharing the menu and promotions. In this post we’ll cover more about our multi-restaurant ordering system.

Why use the multi-restaurant ordering system?

Any restaurant account can be switched to be part of a chain. Under the hood, we create a “parent” account representing your brand, that groups all your locations together. Interface wise, the parent account is this dashboard:

multi-location restaurant dashboard

The idea is simple: location specifics (like address, opening hours, delivery service etc) are managed by accessing each location, in the restaurant interface you know today. Common settings (like menu and promotions) are handled at chain level, from this parent account.

Menu management

So here’s how we solved the menu sharing among locations.

In the dashboard there is a section called Menus. Here you can edit your “master” menu and assign it to all your locations. This way, when you make – let’s say – a price change, you make it once and have it automatically propagated to all restaurant locations.

menu sharing in multi locations restaurants

In case not all locations can function with one menu, you can simply create multiple versions by duplicating an existing one or starting from scratch. You can create as many menus as you like and you can assign the locations to the menus as needed.


Since the menus are being managed at chain-level, so are the promotions.
promotions management for restaurants with multiple locations

For each online menu, you can create one or several promotions. You have full flexibility in establishing which location uses which promotions, meaning that you can have:

  • unified menu and promotions across all locations or
  • different promotions for each location or
  • anything in between.

Branded mobile app

The branded mobile app has been improved to work “in chain-mode” as well. All the locations are listed under the same app, allowing your customer to choose the location to order from.


See how it works in our demo app, Pronto Chain:

in Google Play Store:

(on iOS, the app looks and behaves the same as the Android app).

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