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When you open the Facebook mobile app, you will not be able to see the apps/buttons/tabs you have installed on your Facebook page.
The reason is that Facebook mobile does not allow any third party apps to be shown on mobiles. This does not apply only to Food Booking, but also to any other applications made for Facebook.
 There are 3 call to action options available on Facebook. Two of them are not visible on mobiles. This is why you have to use all 3 and leverage the "shop-now" Facebook button and posting/pinned posts technique too.

We provide a smart link for posting on Facebook. You may use this link for the “Shop Now” call to action on your Facebook page, or to create pinned posts about ordering. This smart link detects the device type and serves the menu in the appropriate format, including mobile.

For this, you need to activate the "Shop now" button on Facebook and add our special ordering link (Available from the web admin panel after you added the ordering app to Facebook.

If you haven't configured the Shop Now, simply select the "+ Add a Button" to open the options list:
To edit an existing button and configure it as a Shop Now button, hover over the call to action and select the Edit button option, like this:
From the options list select the Shop Now option, like this:
Afterwards choose the website link in order to insert the Smart link that we provide:
You can find the Facebook Smart link in your account's Publishing Tab, Facebook Shop Now Section.
This way customers will be able to place orders on your facebook page through their mobile devices.

FYI: To edit the ordering app name: 
Lightshot screenshot

To raise the priority of the ordering on the right-hand menu bar of the Facebook page, edit like this : 
Lightshot screenshot

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