COVID-19 OFFER: Free delivery tracking for your online orders

  • Friday, 8th May, 2020
  • 14:07pm

QuestTag - FREE dispatch and delivery tracking

LIMITED OFFER: To help restaurants and partners survive during the COVID-19 pandemic, QuestTag is offering all restaurants that sign up an unlimited free account for 3 months.

Founded in 2016, the delivery tracking solution created by QuestTag has already gained loyal customers in over 25 countries. Their app helps delivery drivers and couriers always be on time, stay in touch, and have all of their order details in one place. With this app, delivery drivers can receive order details on-the-go from their dispatchers, see the fastest routes to customers doorstep, and communicate delivery status updates to multiple parties with one tap on the screen.

This solution is made available globally as a freemium model for single-unit restaurants.

Find more instructions on how to integrate online ordering with QuestTag delivery tracking here.


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